Brightcove has been running their program in a limited test mode most of the summer.  Their business model allows them to partner with content providers from major networks and studios to smaller publishers to share in the revenues generated from sales of videos and from sales of ads associated with the videos.

Brightcove has already signed up media firms including MTV networks, the Dow Jonas & Company, and Reuters.

They are not alone in the field competing with much larger rivals like YouTube and Google Video both owned by Google and recently launched Microsoft Soapbox, not to be confused with the programming standard.  Other smaller firms such as Revver and Maven networks have also rolled out products that help video content owners profit from the videos hosted from their sites. 

Revver works to share revenue from ads embedded in videos with the publisher and with the website or blog that shares the video allowing a three way share and incentive between publishers, website owners and Revver.

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