For the last 2 – 3 months I have been working on the design of the new Softduit website.  The heavy part of the work has been in organizing the content and filling in the gaps on the one hand, and building up the navigational structure on the site to rapidly get to that content on the other.


I experienced a bit of a break through this week when I finally figured out through many many experiments and trials and errors how to build a dynamic menu system that would work with many changing pages run on a WordPress content management system.

At various times, I’ve had to start completely over and over again, throwing out the kitchen sink followed by the showers and shower faucets and every scrap of material on the site, only to rebuild and reform it several times.

I’ve been stuck more times in the last few months than I have been in the state of forward progress and motion, but after the break through this week, its all motion going forward.  🙂

Now, I can dive into content organizing mindmaps, fill in the gaps with text and images and start to finish the videos that will accompany most pages.  The fun and the hard work starts now and I am definitely looking forward to wrapping up the new site!