I attend several trade shows and I have a house full of promo pens from these shows. As a small business owner I am familiar with the cost of these promo pens, and I’m also familiar with the fact that the promotions do actually work. A free pen isn’t going to convince you to buy something, however it will remind you of several key ingredients that you may need to buy something. The name of the product, a phone number or web URL and maybe the name of the company.

This of course can backfire if you go out and purchase. She promo pens that only work for half a day and get thrown away your become extremely annoying. It is important to get good-quality promo’s.

Now at CES, a place where I receive zillions of promo pens each year, I saw an interesting gadget. It was a Bluetooth mouse that docs inside your laptop into the slot where you would normally put a wireless card, I apologize I suddenly have forgotten the name of that slot at my PMCIA, but I’m in a remote place without Internet connection today and I don’t have the ability to confirm that.

Regardless this was a cool little mouse it literally fits inside any laptop, and its Bluetooth. It is sexy design and all that good stuff, but as I was thinking about these promo pens I pick up from CES, and as I was thinking about all of the free flash drives I also receive (another great way to run a promotion at a trade show) it dawned on me that these Bluetooth mice might make excellent promotional gifts.

They are small and compact, the kind of cool looking, and there’s something that any traveler with a laptop could definitely benefit from having. Their only missing one key ingredient. I missing an ink pen.

As I do most of my work on a computer I rarely need an ink pen but every now and then I get a phone call and I need to take a note and I’ve got too many screens open on my computer and I just can’t find a screen with a blank space. So I dig around for a pen and usually jot something down with the pen.

It sure would be cool if the pen were built into one of these Bluetooth mice that can be stored in my laptop. Then I would always have a wireless mouse and any pen with me at all times because I’m never even be without my computer! 😉