Every year, every show, I go and have been to BlogWorld.  I’ve been going to BlogWorld since before it was BlogWorld (back when it was the Podcast Expo, then Podcast and portable media expo, then Podcast and New Media expo then the New Media expo which was bought and merged with BlogWorld).  Yada yada yada  🙂

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To put it simply, I have learned over the years how to get the most out of attending BlogWorld.   Every year, I hear a lot of new visitors or attendees to the show and a lot of people that never go at all, complain about the cost and worry about whether or not they will get enough out of the show to justify the cost.

So I’m putting together this article to spell out how to do just that! Quick note about my blogging style, I tend to add to blog articles, edit them after I publish them and so on.  My thoughts are I’d rather perfect a blog article as opposed to publishing 1 article and 50 update articles or something.  So expect this article to change.  As I write this I have shot about 8 videos to go in a playlist with this article, but only edited and uploaded the first of the group.  The others will be added to the playlist below over the course of the next couple days.  Do check  them out, that is where the substance of this particular article content will be!

The Unofficial (early) BlogWorld 2012 Exhibitors List for New York City

BlogWorld Exhibitors

1.  Zemanta

Website: : zemanta.com

2.  You Say Too, Inc

Website: : www.yousaytoo.com

3.  WordPress

Website: : wordpress.org

4.  Trekdesk

Website: : www.trekdesk.com

5.  Tout

Website: : www.tout.com

6.  Stitcher Radio

Website: : www.stitcher.com

7.  Spreecast

Website: : spreecast.com

8.  Spredfast

Website: : www.spredfast.com

9.  Splash News

Website: : www.splashnews.com

10.  Social Radius

Website: : www.socialradius.com

11.  Social Chorus – booth #107

Website: : www.halogenmediagroup.com
Twitter: : http://twitter.com/#!/socialchorus

11.5 Snippies (Updated 5-25-2012)

Website: : www.snippies.com

12.  Slingshot SEO Booth #201

Website: : www.slingshotseo.com

Twitter: : twitter.com/#!/SlingshotSEO

13.  Siteground.com

Website: : www.siteground.com

14.  SimulTV

Website: : imnsys.com

15.  RawVoice

Website: : www.rawvoice.com

16.  Rawporter

Website: : rawporter.com

Twitter: : twitter.com/#!/Rawporter

17.  Rackspace Hosting

Website: : www.rackspace.com

Twitter: : twitter.com/#!/Rackspace

18.  Que Publishing

Website: : www.quepublishing.com

Twitter: : twitter.com/#!/Que

19.  Post Release

Website: : www.postrelease.com

Twitter: : twitter.com/#!/postrelease

20.  Pond 5, Inc.

Website: : www.pond5.com

Twitter: : twitter.com/#!/pond5

21.  Overblog

Website: : www.over-blog.com

22.  Outbrain

Website: : www.outbrain.com

23.  On Hold

24.  New Media Rights

Website: : www.newmediarights.org

25.  Mobile Libris

Website: : home.html

26.  Microsoft Hotmail

Website: : live.com

27.  Linkshare

Website: : www.linkshare.com

28.  Lijit Networks

Website: : www.lijit.com

29.  Laughing at Wall Street – Chris Camillo

Website: : www.chriscamillo.com

30.  Izea

Website: : izea.com

31.  International Association of Internet Broadcasters

Website: : www.ibroadcastnetwork.org

32.  Interactive Advertising Bureau

Website: : www.iab.net

33.  HostDime.com, Inc

Website: : www.hostdime.com

34.  Headway Themes

Website: : headwaythemes.com

35.  Guys from Queens Network

Website: : www.guysfromqueens.com

36.  GuestBlogIt

Website: : www.guestblogit.com

37.  GTO Management

Website: : gtomanagement.com

38.  Emailvision

Website: : www.emailvision.com

39.  Cool Blue Company

Website: : about

40.  Commun.it

Website: : commun.it

41.  Brads Deals

Website: : www.bradsdeals.com

42.  AsSeenOnPC

Website: : www.asseenonpc.com