“San Jose-based 6th District Court of Appeal broke new ground by concluding that bloggers and Web masters enjoy the same protections against divulging confidential sources as established media organizations.”MercuryNews.com 05/27/2006 Apple loses case against bloggers

Apple had taken a blogger, Jason O’Grady to court 2 years ago when O’Grady published plans and information relating to upcoming Apple products. Apple did not sue for publishing the information. No instead their litigation focused on forcing Jason O’Grady to turn over his confidential sources of information in the case. Apple, a computer company who advertises its own computers as tools that help people blog easily, wanted to have blogs categorized as ‘illegitimate news’. The courts flatly rejected this position.

This case had made it to the Appeal level and there is no word on whether or not Apple might wish to take their case up with the highest court in the land.

Apple’s court successes have been piling up lately as Apple Computer walked away from a trademark case brought by Apple Corp, primarily owned by The Beatles. Apple also won big in the EU recently. This case will not bring a severe financial setback for Apple, but it does bring negative publicity to the company from a base group in the blogging community, many of which blog with Apple computers.

Recently Creative the makers of the Zen MP3 player, has brought a suit against Apple, who counter sued Creative. Creative’s suit stems from a patent that Creative recently was awarded.

The patent according to Creative, gives Creative the ownership over the intellectual property used by most MP3 player designers including Apple to navigate songs through menu systems. If Apple loses this patent infringement case, Creative could walk away with a license deal on all MP3 players sold by Apple, and possibly punitive damages. This one smells a lot like settlement!