Peter Misek of Cannacord Capital once floated the idea that Apple and Intel might come together as partners. And well what do you know they did.

So now a prediction is floating around that RIM and Apple might come together . He speculates that RIM could incorporate iTunes into a Blackberry or Apple in its elusive non-cooperative quest for a cell phone ipod might join up with Rim.

RIM could definitely use some good press and a change in momentum coming off its public debacle surrounding a patent suit that almost brought the company down. Apple meanwhile has moved from a poor cell phone implementation partnership with Motorola, the debut of the iRockr almost sabataged by Steve Jobs with the introduction of the Nano.

Maybe this was intentional because the Irockr looked like a dog to Jobs or maybe he just has no tact and didn’t realize he’d kill one of his products with another of his products. My bet is on the former.

Never the less, Apple has wielded its growing monopoly with iTunes and the MP3 market haphazrdly with a partners be damned type of attitude. For RIM this could be a hail marry or an awkward forward lateral that might result in a fumble.

Or Peter Misek might just be pushing an idea pulling names out of a hat and predicting an iChing of iTunes and RIM as the next combo and the news analysts are picking it up eager for some nifty headlines like “RIM + Apple = Appleberry?

Maybe we’ll move our predictions to less scientific methods like tea leaves or chicken bones, mood rings or a Zoltar game at the fair.