BlackBerry has gotten its berries pinched by Samsung Electronics new BlackJack device.  So BlackBerry is doing what it does so very well, its kicked off a Trademark infringement lawsuit, claiming that the BlackJack device is too similar to the BlackBerry trademark especially for a device that could be very easily confused in form and function.  (see review of BlackJack for Cingular)

However, the real issue here is that more and more companies are running out of names to use for trademarks.  Apple recently launched trademark lawsuits against companies that happened to use the word ‘pod’ somewhere in the name of the company or website.

Its a legitimate concern of companies that invest a lot of money into a brand name and device, but Trademark law is not very practical either as there is a limited availability of words in the English language to name a product.  There are also just so many derivatives of English words.

Where will the world be when all of the names have been trademarked?

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