Bill Gate made some comments towards the end of his discussion during a conference in Las Vegas for Mix ’06, a convention for web developers. Bill responded to a few related questions regarding whether or not Microsoft would open up its API’s to web developers such that independents outside of Microsoft could more easily create web based programs to complement the Microsoft arsenal.

Bill, who was reported to be off his public speaking game, circled the wagons enough to comment that Microsoft will not open up its API’s. However, they will continue to foster an environment where software developers of all types can continue to exist and grow in their specialized areas. Reading between the lines, it was reported that Microsoft will continue to grow horizontally. So developers can stay in their specialized niche’s but cannot move into anything that could have a wider potential.

MindManager Pro6 is a product that is quickly coming into its own. It has the potential to be brought into the Microsoft fold some day, possibly sooner than later. It functions very well with PowerPoint, Project and Outlook. Plus it has decent functionality with Visio, Word, & html. Its still building out its Excel capabilities, and hasn’t tapped the relational database potential yet. All said an told its fitting neetly into the mold of a software package that will work across most of Microsoft Office tools.

It seems inevitable that the paths of Microsoft and Mindjet will cross at some point. Due to the strong user following of Mindjet and the lengths that Mindjet has taken to work in partnership with Microsoft, it currently appears doubtful that the relationship will be antagonistic. However, Microsoft cannot be held off forever, and the longer the delay the greater the chance that an upstart mindmapping software program may sweep in and catch Microsoft’s fancy.

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