This year I’m cleaning up some of my own websites.  In the past, I have had a bad habit of buying a domain name and launching a new site at the drop of the hat.  Over time, I’ve accumulated hundreds of websites and more domain names.

Two years ago, I started to cull things out and clean up all of these websites.  Most of them had faded or stopped performing and earning their keep.  In addition, some of them are just distracting and even if they are slightly profitable or helping to offset my other business costs, might not be worth the time and effort.

So first thing I did was go through and change all of my domains of soon to be expired websites from auto renew domains to manual renew, and I am not going to renew them.  This year that will probably save me about $100 in domain name renewals.  Over the last 2 years, I’ve probably saved about $1k total.

In addition, I’m closing down a VPS server that I have at hostgator.  It costs me $49.95 per month and I only have a handful of sites that I wish to keep running.  I’m closing down for good 5 more sites, plus their domain names.

I have a few remaining websites that I am going to move to other hosting plans.  I have a plan on Pressable, which allows up to 5 sites.  I currently have just one, Softduit.  I’m going to move 3 over there and leave space for 1 more.

I separately moved a site to Lightning Base hosting.  Like Pressable they are a WordPress managed hosting provider.  I wanted to give them a try since their price points are less than half the price of other WordPress Managed Hosting companies.  First impression – I like the fact that they use a version of cpanel, which made the migration relatively easy with almost no learning curve.  However, I’m not sure if I see many speed benefits yet, maybe none.  I can work on that later and it might be the site I moved that needs work.  Still good first impression overall and I definitely like the pricing.

For my remaining sites, I want to drop down to a simple shared hosting plan somewhere that bills monthly but allows at least 10 websites.  The price should be less than $15 per month if possible.  Hostgator might get this business partially back, although I have been very less than enthused with their service in general the last few months since their corporate merger and then the relocation of their servers.

Still for the few sites that I have remaining, I just need something slightly better than domain parking so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.  I might again try something new just to get some additional experience.  I’ve been meaning to try LiquidWeb Hosting, although their price point for these particular sites might be a little much.

More to come soon!