For publisher, web masters and blogger, it is easy to install a little bit of Adsense code and install it on a web page.

For advertisers its a different story.  It takes a little more know how and experience to run a successful PPC campaign.

I personally advise that new advertisers start very small and get some experience with the system.  Do not expect big results from starting small, look at it more like paying for a lesson in navigating Google’s Adwords program or Yahoo!’s publisher program.

Once you have a feel for how to navigate things and purchase advertising campaigns then you will be ready for some more advanced options.

In that regard I’d recommend doing some additional web research to get your bearings.  A good place to start to get the overview is the Beginner’s Guide to PPC Management.  Its a free white paper.   Its not a download its just a web page 🙂

This guide can help you get started and focused in the right direction and you can expand from there.  If you represent a large company looking to run a major advertising campaign, then I recommend hiring a Pro SEM marketing company that specifically specializes in PPC campaigns.  Regardless, before you hire the pro I do think its good to get a feel for how these things work so that you can better understand the parameters and the work involved.

This understanding will help you ask better questions and scope out the job more appropriately.