This week I have gotten back from my trip to Nevada and simultaneously gotten back to some relatively heavy mindmapping work.  In the process, I found what appears to be a possible bug with MindManager 7 that was not previously present in MindManager 6.  Either that, or my installation of MindManager 7 has become corrupted somehow while my installation of MindManager 6 has remained OK.

The problem takes place when I attempt to export a mind map to Word.  I choose a template from Words standard templates.  The problem is two fold.

  1. No matter what template I select, the formatting fails to apply correctly a large portion of the time.
  2. Sometimes even when the formatting looks correct, the paragraph styles that show up in word are still listed as MMtopic 1, mmtopic 2 etc. as opposed to Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 or Normal as I set it up to export.

Something seems to be breaking down, but when I open up MindManager version 6, and export the same exact file, it works just fine.

I’ve been experiencing this for a while now (a month or two), but it wasn’t until I got into a mind map intensive amount of work that I was able to confirm that there really was a problem.  As I confirmed it, I was not able to get any screen capture video yet.

This week, I hope to do just that.  Once I have it, I will then begin the troubleshooting process and see if I can eliminate the problem by running a repair or just reinstalling the program all together.

I’m hoping to get to this either tomorrow or by Thursday.  I’ve got some mundane things to take care of first, running some errands to get a camera lens repaired, and pick up some pet and dog supplies.  Plus, Tuesday I have to cover the local election here in North Carolina for my other work.

If you have experienced similar problems, I’d be interested to here what you have run into, and whether or not you were able to solve the problem, and or how.