Does the Palm Pre support

So far I don’t know but think it should work.  I was told that the Pre supported Audible at CES in January.

When I look on Audible, it doesn’t list Palm as a brand, but if you go to PDA, you will find PalmOS listed.  But the PalmOS is not the same as the Palm WebOS I believe, and I just don’t know yet, but after I get this slow itunes thing figured out, I’ll be testing Audible next.



I did some checking on PreCentral and the long and the short of the story from the long forum thread is that

  1. the Palm Pre and Audible do not currently support each other.
  2. There is an emulator that allows you to run the old Palm OS on your Pre, but that does not work with Audible either for many users
    1. I saw a couple users that were able to get this to work, but its the activation required by Audible Manager that causes this to fail for most users, plus the emulator known as ‘Classic’ costs $29.95.  If you have palm apps already, you may want to plunk down $30, if you are just looking for an Audible solution skip to step 4, which will save you $10 and make all of your audible books functional on any device that plays mp3 files.
  3. The theory that linking Audible to your itunes might make it work, does NOT work
  4. The only workaround that I found in the forums that DOES currently work is converting your Audible files to normal mp3 files using SoundTaxi Platinum cost $19.95 (they do offer a –> download link for exe file -> free trial download but it only converts the first 90 seconds, still it does prove that it works before you buy.  I’ve tried a few programs like this in the past that did not work/convert at all, so I was happy to see that this program DOES work.  🙂 )


SoundTaxi Platinum CAN convert an Audible .aa format to mp3 so that it can then be played on any of your devices.

It also converts the following formats

Convert your audio and video at one click with an easy to use software created with you in mind. The SoundTaxi simple and intuitive design will let you concetrate on your music and movies, instead of technical details.
Easily convert DRM protected music and movie files and various audio/video files to unprotected MP3, MPEG4, CD,
iPod and other MP3 player file formats at high speed and CD quality – legally.
SoundTaxi unprotects and converts music and movie files from:

* iTunes
* Napster
* Zune
* Yahoo Music
* MusicMatch
* MSNMusic
* MusicLoad
* MTV / urge
* MusicNow
* BuyMusic
* AOL Music
* Virgin Digital
* Sony Connect
* Beon Music
* Peer Impact
* iMusica
* Rhapsody
* Wal-Mart

* AOL MusicNow
* Audible
* connect-europe
* akuma
* Listen JP
* ongen
* hmv
* Bigpond Music
* Soundbuzz
* digirama
* imusica
* cdigix
* cingular mMode
* puretracks
* metro tunes
* fnac


Forgot to include the final source from Precentral that helped get me in the right direction, it came from user quest1772, who stated

I called audible and they assured me they were working on it and expected the app should come out in about two months. for the short term I bought ‘soundtaxi‘ and converted a few books to mp3’s (it takes as long as the track is to convert). This creates a 6 hour mp3 with no bookmarks but the fast forward goes really fast when you hold it down so I can get to where I was in less than a minute, the only problem is now I have to remember where I was or leave the music app open.
edit: also tried the classic+audible air route and crashed my phone. i wouldn’t say that is a viable option unless i did it wrong