The following is a short article that I wrote the other day during my experiment with Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.

I have not edited this article to show the raw result of the transcription.  I wrote several articles that day and this one probably had the most errors in transcription.  I wanted to hold it out as an example of the results at one extreme.  I do not like to sugar coat the results that I get with DNS9.  Overall they are extremely good.  However, there are times when its less than optimum and this might be a bit of an example to show the type and nature of editing that is needed from time to time.

Develop popular entertainment you probably noticed that in many entertainers as they have for decades and decades are suffering from all manners and types of addictions. I keep looking for technology to step up and take a larger role in helping people overcome their physical addictions. It would seem that a physical problem like a drug addiction could be solved with a physical solution. Now in our biology, our systems get permanently altered like overwriting an operating system when we become addicted to a drug or some other item. It’s like our bios has been overwritten with picked up a new driver or virus even. It seems that there might be a path to solving this type of problem by rewriting it once again or rebooting or refreshing our system. We might be able to avoid the use of drug rehab as we know it today as a place where people go for several weeks if not months and often times relax into their addictions with little benefit or gain. Indeed most people that are addicted to narcotics and alcohol will always be addicted to those substances their addiction will never cease. They are taught how to cope with those substance addictions and addiction is not removed.

It would seem that we need a fundamental shift in our attack on drug addiction.

You will notice that the article starts off making little to no sense.  That is partly because DNS missed the first word or two of the sentence and then incorrectly transcribed the next.  It should have read

If you follow popular entertainment

You will also notice that the paragraph is exceptionally long. I neglected to remember to insert new paragraphs at regular intervals.  It definitely takes some practice to mentally track your spoken voice and determine where a paragraph ends!