– Earlier Mount Vesuvius blast should be warning to Naples

Following up on a theme, we gather information on the results of a volcano from 1780BC. One of the researchers in the area predicts that another volcano is likely to occur anytime. This is made from the inference that the volcano blows every 2-3000 years and its been almost 2000 years since Mt Vesuvius’s last major eruption (not counting a minor eruption in 1944).

The researcher thinks that an eruption of equal size to the 1780BC eruption would kill everyone living within a 7 mile radius. (Naples is 8 miles away.)

So we ask again, what would be practical in preparing for such a situation.

Mt Vesuvius is monitored more closely than any other volcano.

So what would you do if you lived in Naples?

Bon Jorno!

As a quick follow up to this post, I saw an article at that talks about the risks of developing a type of lung cancer called mesothelioma from exposure to volcanic dust mineral (erionite). So again proximity to a volcano would seem to be an unwise move.
Volcano Danger