Time for the speculation on Apple’s next move to reset and start over again. Apple didn’t debut the Apple ITeleporter (iPorter) nor did it offer up the new military application device known as the iRay.

But Steve did point out over the pitcher’s mound towards the fence indicating that a future home run might be on the way. Then he quickly walked back to the bench until the home run was ready.

To put it another way, Apple offered a glimpse at concept product called iTV to retail some day in the future for $299. A wireless device that let’s people send movies that they have presumably downloaded from iTunes to their TV set.

The product is a welcome addition to the iPod lineup but the price is a bit of a head scratcher. A wireless router can essentially be purchased for less than $100, so why the extra money. For that matter why not include the wireless option in TV itself, presuming the computer already has it. Basically, the $199 premium allows a transfer between a computer and a TV. Welcome capability, but aren’t there cheaper easier ways to achieve the goal. My TiVo cost $0 after rebate. A TV tuner for a PC is not terribly expensive. I suspect the delay in the launch is less about the product functionality and testing and more about trying to talk manufacturer’s costs down to something that consumers will be ready to adopt.

BetaNews offered up a look at the back of the device as shown during Jobs slide show.

Apple also predictably acknowledged that they will offer iTunes downloads for full DVD movies. This came with many limitations. The content will only come from Disney’s portfolio, for which Steve Jobs sits on the board and is one of the largest stock holders.

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