Last week we wrote about the rookie mistakes that Apple made on the new iPhone.  We covered 19 mistakes that we noted within the first 48 hours of the release of the iPhone.  Many more mistakes have been identified since then, some of which might be able to be fixed with iPhone 2.0.

However, those were mobile phone mistakes for the most part.  Those were rookie mistakes made by a rookie mobile phone designer.

iphone We would not have expected them to make rookie mistakes when it came to the design of the MP3 player in the iPhone, the thing that put the ‘i” in the iPhone.  Apple apparently forgot to include some of the core functionality that imprinted the Apple signature on the iPod and made it a great device in the first place.  (not the only thing but a key thing)

They purposefully removed the ability to drag and drop music onto the iPhone.  They went for a glitzy looking interface on the phone itself and dumbed down the interface between the phone to the computer to iTunes.  So its now just as tedious to synch up the iPhone with your computer as any other MP3 player with the exception of an iPod.  The iPhone might have been a great gadget if it had been as good as an iPod plus had the abilities of a good phone.

In fact it doesn’t have the capabilities of a good phone and isn’t as good as an iPhone.