Apple has been shipping iPods since September 12th that contain the virus RavMonE.

Now there are many interesting aspects of this story. The virus is considered a Windows Worm in general, however this worm appears to be carried by an iPod and thus by extension could be considered an iPod worm now too.

If a human dies of Avian flu, the name implies that the birds are to blame as they were the source of the virus. The thing is the human was susceptible to the virus just as the bird or avian population was susceptible.

Now, Apple may blame Microsoft for not being virulent enough against viruses, but what does it say about Apple products if they are just as susceptible to a virus as a Windows based product. To me it says that both products are susceptible. I don’t pretend to live in a fault free world and so I would say they are both to blame.

Finally, the reports are coming out today, October 17/18, about this iPod worm. It seems to me that Apple had two additional failures. They failed to do a virus check on their products when they started shipping over a month ago on September 12th and they failed to make this public once they finally discovered the problem over a week ago.

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