Researchers find hidden Greek text on ‘world’s oldest astronomy computer’: “A team of Greek and British scientists probing the secrets of the Antikythera Mechanism has managed to decipher ancient Greek inscriptions unseen for over 2,000 years, members of the project say. ”

Researchers were able to decipher an additional 1,000 characters off of the shoe box sized device. The brass box found near the Southern Greek island of Antikythera – hence the name. The box was found in 1900 after sitting in a shipwreck under the sea for about 2000 years. It is very corroded and so the translation of text and characters as been a slow and difficult task.

A Scientific American article from June of 1959 describes the works and the concepts of the device at that time, which was suspected of being a mechanical calculating device aka a computer even back in the late 50’s.

There are two definite results that will come of this most recent decipherment of the Antikythera Mechanism.

1. Researchers will keep researching the device hoping to prove its computing capability and push the date of the first computer back by more than 1800 years in execution and take away from Davinci the title of first diagram of the device (maybe he saw an old text of this device, which was described by Ancient Greeks of the day.)

2. Neil Stephenson will write another great novel.

I find the first to be intriguing and the second to be fantastic. 🙂