The Great Debate ? Law in the Virtual World

In reviewing an excellent article by the authors, I was compelled to understand their debate more thoroughly by mapping / outlining some of the high points as I understood them.

Any misunderstandings of content, concept or interpretation is entirely my own if found. I would encourage readers to review the article per the hyperlink provided for the accurate perspective.

download opera mini app My Analysis of this document will provide a map or summary of the key questions and my understanding of the issues or conclusions.

In General, I thought a map would layout the topic more effectively than text, and needed the simplicity of a diagram to understand this debate, which at its core is very important to your truly.
Map outline




The final 4 questions of this debate are not covered.

Please note if you are interested in a fictional book that depicts some of the challenges of the situation as well as some analogies to likely evolutions and outcomes, I highly recommend Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson.

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Written by: Brett Bumeter, President