Today, I am on the road. Almost literally, I’m a passenger in a van headed from North Carolina to Georgia on a 3 hour drive. I have my laptop and my air card and dramamine.


When I type on the computer while driving, especially on winding road, I sometimes get a little car sick. Not so much that I’d have to worry for the safety of my keyboard, but sick enough that I feel dizzy and need to pamper myself for an hour or so until my equilibrium returns.

So this trip, I’ve taken a dramamine and am hoping that this will help keep my physical human system running long enough to get some work done on my computing system. It’s a kind of silly thing, but at the essence of it, I am using dramamine as a performance enhancing drug. I do not do this regularly. In fact this is my first time ever.

I doubt that dramamine will prove to be a gateway drug for an expansion of performance enhancing drugs or procedures. I can not see myself taking drugs normally prescribed for ADD or ADHD like many executives do from time to time.

That said, I have had my eyes lasered several years ago and that was a bit of a performance enhancing procedure.

Last night I watched the All Star game and had pause to consider just how bad it is for ball players or athletes to really take performance enhancing drugs. Don’t get me wrong, some of those drugs are un-tested and have serious and dangerous side effects. I’m not suggesting that they should be used. However, maybe efforts to prevent the use of all performance enhancing drugs is off base. Maybe the emphasis should be on driving science and medicine to find safer performance enhancing drugs for both athletes as well as regular people.

I don’t think twice about boosting my performance by purchasing more RAM for my computer or picking up a faster system or better software. My brain and my body are the most important systems I have so why should we consider ways of improving their performance that include diet and exercise and the application of science to give us an assist from time to time.  I’m not a big fan of the concept of diet pills like Leptitrex that are essentially something like speed.  But all in all there just seems like there should be a better way out there awaiting discovery and application and possibly a shift in cultural attitude.