This week I picked up a Verizon Wireless USB Air Card.  Its a little thing about the size of two ipod Nano’s stacked on top of each other and it has a retractable antenna for those occasions when an extra 2 inches matters.

IMG_0442I picked up the card on Saturday in preparation for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Super Bowl of consumer electronics and maybe tech in general.  Now, there are parts of the show that are covered with WiFi, but it never fails that something makes the WiFi go screwy when I need it the most, so I’m using this in part to get things done with NO excuses.  🙂

My first impressions are positive overall, even though when I tried to connect at the airport after going through security, it took about 8 (plugins/tries) and about 5 minutes before XP would recognized/find new hardware.  Once that tedious Microsoft problem was out of the way, I was off to the  races and writing, working and enjoying the productivity.


The thing cost $0 after a $50 rebate and will cost $59.99 per month on my gynormous wireless plan, which will almost put me at a $300 per month wireless bill. 

Now it is almost twice as cheap to pay the early cancellation fee as it is to continue with Verizon!


In addition to being a wireless card, its also a memory card with a micro sd card built in.