Its interesting to note that Google one of the newest major corporations reshaping the world of advertising has reeled in Verizon Communications to resell Google AdWords at a local level.

Small Business used to purchasing ads in Verizon’s Superpages (yellow pages) will now be coached by Verizon agents on how to place their ads with keywords in Google’s AdWords.

AdWords is a service provided by Google where advertisers bid online to place their advertisment according to the keywords or page viewers most likely to be associated with the ad. They compete for placement according to others bidding on the same keywords or online viewers. Highest bidder gets the ad.

Its not mentioned specifically, but the article hints that these local placements will be geographically restricted somehow.

Verizon online directory in ad deal with Google – Yahoo! News:
“‘We’re pleased Verizon is an authorized AdWords reseller and helping local small businesses take advantage of the opportunities of search advertising,’ Google said in a statement.'”