Returning the G1 for the Pre

Over the last couple weeks I have tried to use the G1 sometimes known as the g-phone, google phone, or the first phone running on the android OS from t-mobile.  All in all, the phone was not that great in the performance (speed) department and contact management, specifically imports/export functionality from Outlook or any desktop application through gmail to the phone was TERRIBLE. 

The available aps for the G1 were fantastic, and the phone did grow on me, even after I decided to return it, but the contact management issues were a non-starter, the device slowness moving from ap to ap, and the very poor camera (shutter speed terrible and the button didn’t really work right when you pushed it to click a picture) were all serious issues that I could not look past.

So instead, I picked up service from Sprint and got a Palm Pre.  (at&t is not an option for me because they stole $1,000 from me in 2000 and I won’t do business with them ever again, if I can help it).

The Palm Pre out of the box was a great experience.  Connections have been much much easier to manage, and I’m very very impressed by many features of this smaller, lighter phone with a keyboard that I can type on with one hand if I choose (something that was not an option with the G1).

Battery ‘Life’ – Battery Optimization Tips

When I first got my Pre it was half charged out of the box.  I was porting a phone number from T-Mobile over to Sprint and the activation was delayed by about 5 hours (can take up to 72 hours).  Anyway during that time the phone was cycling through a 5, 3, 5, 3 activation attempt cycle.  After it activated, I was using it heavily to get things set up.  Long story short, the battery didn’t seem very strong out of the box.

I let it charge all night long, and will see how it does now that it has reached full.  That said, having talked to one of the engineers/product designers at CES, I was given the distinct impression that this would be a device that needs regular if not constant charging.  So I also went out looking for some tips on how to improve the battery life, by optimizing some settings.

I found 3 tips that seemed relevant to me.  The first two are below:

Turn on Wi-Fi. Sounds unintuitive, right? Well, the Pre doesn’t have the greatest Sprint reception of anything we’ve ever tested, and it actually has a relatively power-efficient Wi-Fi radio. When the Pre’s Wi-Fi is running, it uses Wi-Fi rather than 3G to make Internet connections. So connecting via Wi-Fi saves battery rather than wasting it.
Change your e-mail settings. By tapping on the upper left corner of the screen in the e-mail program, you can pop down a menu that lets you change e-mail preferences. For accounts where you get relatively little mail, set them to push. But for accounts where you get an e-mail every five minutes or more often, set them to check every 15 minutes. That will save battery.


The third I found in a forum on Pre’s and it recommends turning off the GPS locator when you are not using the GPS functionality.  Thing is I have no idea where to do that! 


So after I finish this quick article, that will be one of the next things I look for, along with an application for the Pre that takes screen shots!