I wanted to test drive my Sony IC recorder with a brand new computer and Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.  I am using a brand new profile that has only received minimal training (about 5-7 minutes plus the previous article written with DNS 10).  I’m trying to emulate what the out of the box experience might be for new users, and so far I am very impressed.  🙂

This is a test of Dragon NaturallySpeaking using my Sony IC recorder.

The first time that I’ve used my Sony IC recorder along with my new Logitech headset.

This particular headset fits over my ears and the microphone flexes to my mouth slightly. The headset has two 3.5 mm jacks, one for headphones and one for the microphone that plugs into my Sony recorder. I’ve used my Sony recorder a number of times with other head sets, and then I plug it into my computer via USB, download the MP3 files into my computer, and utilize Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 to convert the MP3 files into text.

This time I am going to be using Dragon NaturallySpeaking preferred 10 along with this new headset so this is a test both of the new software and of the new headset with a recorder that has worked very well in the past.

In the past I’ve used headsets that were much larger than this particular headset, and those were not necessarily always conducive to walking around or taking long hikes or walk through the woods. This time I intend to go hiking through the woods, specifically, up Crowder’s Mountain in North Carolina. Where I will be using the headset and my recorder to write a book I’m working on, and I will use it to write a number of other blog articles for my clients.

I work as a blogger and a ghostwriter, and this will give me greater portability than what I’ve had in the past.

I have noticed an increased level of accuracy using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10, and I’m basically looking to see how well the accuracy improves with both a new headset and this recorder.

One thing about this recorder, it doesn’t have a wind screen on it, so I need to get to a craft store where I can find something to "craft" a windscreen. I’ve looked for small sized wind screens in the past, but I cannot find any at your typical music shops. As I am walking right now, I’m getting a little bit of wind on the microphone that I could hear in the earpieces. I do not know if that will have a detrimental effect, when Dragon NaturallySpeaking tries to do its thing.

We shall see, but I suspect that I will need to get a windscreen before this is all over. The wind is only blowing slightly right now, and I’m getting a significant amount of feedback in my ear.

I don’t know where you go to find that foamy material used for windscreens. But I think I might build a find something like that at a craft store and then cut or mold it into a shape that I need it to be.