The Aptera is a concept two person car that weighs less than 1000lbs and will seat 2 people. Its got three weels and no bumpers, but it gets 330 miles per gallon, which is about 309 miles per gallon more than the average American vehicle.

The big question is whether or not Americans can change their driving habits if they are forced to change (force coming from unaffordable gas prices). Today, many Americans drive around alone in cars or SUV’s that get 21mpg on average. They don’t typically car pool and more often than not they commute to work without the kids in the car.

Now many do cart the kids around for various events and occassions but the daily commute is often kid free. Since America has not solid mass transit options in most cities and towns, the likely option to solve the current energy crisis is to utilize a hybrid vehicle. Many of these hybrids are small cars and they only seat 1 or 2 people, which would require family trips, even to a soccer game or day care in a different vehicle.

So can Americans start to utilize the concept of buying a commuter car, and saving their SUV or mini van for nights and weekends?

Can you see yourself driving an Aptera to work? Often times people have to envision themselves in a vehicle before they will consider making the purchase. Americans might contemplate a Harley to save gas over a hybrid, but a hybrid will keep them dry on a rainy day and warm when its cold out. How does it handle on ice? Well that’s probably a different problem.