The first thing that I realized when I cranked open my computer today is that three tools I rely on very heavily are sadly behind the times.

  1. Outlook – Email
  2. Task Manager
  3. Popup blockers

The first is Outlook.  I have been stumbling along thinking about converting from Outlook to Thunderbird (Gmail is not a useful option, and frankly I do not trust Google with my correspondence given their actions lately.)  However, Thunderbird seems to be a viable alternative and Outlook is getting to be so flaky that its probably time for the switch.

The second thing is the Task Manager in XP.  I do not know if this program exists in Vista, but the program today is really junk.  All the file names are gibberish and therefore make the program mostly useless.  If I have a program that needs to be shut down or shouldn’t be there, I might as well be reading binary code or randomly generating prime numbers to determine which program needs to be shut down or blocked.

The third program is popup blockers.  I use several layers of popup blockers from the blockers that come built in to Firefox to third party applications.  The problem is that they sometimes block things that should not be blocked.  Getting those things to reque correctly so that you can see what you missed is not always possible and that can result in the loss of information.  Plus, I find software program subscriptions for tools like popup blockers to be very annoying.  I realize that they have to keep the library’s up to date, but I’d rather just upgrade every 18 months. 

That’s the end of my little rant.  Its something I have meant to mention a few times.  If anyone has a good solution or suggestion esepcially in the task manager area, I’d love to hear it.