Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 does get it wrong sometimes and I have been continuing to accumulate a number of odd ball examples.

These can be pretty funny especially in context, so here is a list of some of these bizarre misquotes.

The first phrase in each of the examples below is the misquote and the second phrase is the words that should have been dicated and were later corrected.


nor Josh out the Boers husband

Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Husband


horrible quince indents

horrible coincidence


some dinner on the PlayStation

somewhere around the police station


Bush ministration

Bush Administration


he cosmo not



Christina Aguilara

Christina ideal Arab


Dutch Equity

Check with you


except Chennault



E. Dano bitch book

Janet Evanovich book


great big pair meds

great big pyramids


a Stickle experiences

mystical experiences


a rubato



poll for which

Paul Wolfowitz


to sting whooshes

Note when I trained the correct word I felt very silly having to speak this phrase to clarify the difference in my profile!



law sufferers



color of the Koran

color with a crayon


Domino walls

abdominal walls


DeGaulle Fitch

The Golf Itch


rogue ram



an iso-place

a nice little place


parasail groove

paris hilton news


pickled bent

big event