Apple is very new to the mobile phone design business.  This newbie status enabled them to throw out a few rules and come up with a sexy software interface, but they missed a number of things that mobile phone consumers have grown to expect or demand over the years.

These mistakes are gathered from multiple news stories and consumer complaints that have surfaced in the first 24 hours or so after the launch of the iPhone.  Apple’s rush to market may have ignored the marketing studies that probably highlighted these problems months ago.

Below I present these 19 Rookie Mistakes Apple Made on iPhone in a quick video presentation based on a MindManager Mindmap, a snap shot of the actual mindmap, and the text exported from the mindmap.

Video Presentation 19 Rookie Mistakes Apple Made on iPhone

Image of Mindmap of 19 Rookie Mistakes Apple Made on iPhone

mindmap 19 rookie mistakes apple made on iPhone

Text from Mindmap export of 19 Rookie Mistakes Apple made on iPhone

19 Rookie Mistakes Apple Made on iPhone

  1. No IM Support
    • Yahoo
    • AOL
    • MSN
  2. No MultiMedia Services MMS
    • So you can’t snap a picture and message it
  3. No Voice Recorder
  4. No Voice Dialer
    • Ergo No Hands Free Dialing!
  5. Stuck on Older At&t Edge Platform S L  O    W
    • Stuck with Battery Sucking WiFi
  6. Can’t swap At&t Sim cards
    • If you don’t like it, you can’t give it to your spouse or kids
  7. Headphone Jacks not Standard
    • Go buy an uncool $10 adapter
  8. oftware Keyboard Is Prone to Typos No Kiddinv!
    • Have fun with Passwords!
  9. The Reorientate Program only works in 3 programs not in common programs like E-mail
    • No Messages viewed in Widescreen Display
  10. No Custom Ringtones
    • That’s almost good, you won’t waste money buying an iTune Ringtone!
  11. Camera is Average
    • 2 megapixels
    • Useless if you move or its dark according to Gizmodo
  12. No Video and No Audio Capability for camera
    • We mentioned the absence of a voice recorder too!
  13. No To Do List
    • Maybe that’s why Apple missed so many of these obvisous features! (ergo they couldn’t put them on their to do list)
  14. Inability to Sync with Corporate Servers
    • No Suits Sporting an iPhone -> Go Back to Sleep Blackberry
  15. Name doesn’t go well with the word ‘My’
    • Can you hand me My IPhone? ->My Eye Phone
  16. Phone doesn’t work Much until Activated
    • Did we mention that many Activations are running slow!
    • Some waiting for 14 hours!
      • Cause
        • People transferring their old wireless numbers to At&t for an iPhone
        • Buy some IBuprofen first!
  17. Doesn’t sync with Outlook Calendar and Contacts wirelessly
  18. No Internet Flash support when browsing
  19. No SD expansion slot for things like Pictures