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Very helpful and fast. Got our site up and running the same day. A real life saver!

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Brett, figured out the problem, let me know about how much time it would take to fix was fast very nice to deal with and I will use him again.

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You fixed the problem. You were a great teacher. Thanks.

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Owner, Down Ticket Dems

Very reasonable pricing and very fast response time.

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Partner, Advanced Environmental Management

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Emergency Downtime – What I learned preparing for no Internet

There's a hurricane the size of Texas moving towards the Southeast United States this weekend. I'm at the outer reaches of the hurricane.  Past experience has taught me that I will probably lose electricity or internet or both. So I'm prepping to keep myself busy and...

Government Painting & Government Flooring – A Very Public Firing of a client with an unpaid bill

It does not happen often, but occasionally a client chooses not to pay their bill. This year the owner of a sister company of the more established decided to be one of those clients. We have a...

How to convert Multi part blog articles to long form SEO magnets

We walk through with author and blogger Craig Phillips (video included) how to convert multiple part blog articles, separate posts, into a long single blog article that is an SEO magnet of long form content AND still clickable within the article.

Putting Numbers in your WordPress decisions

Small business growing to become large businesses benefit from using numbers and data from their website, an arm of their company, making decisions based on facts not gut instinct

Re-Sharing old Posts – WP Posts, Custom Post types, pages & more

After 2-3 years of testing, Tweet Old Post, Revive Old Post & CoSchedule, I’m recommending Revive Old Post because it works & is the value play on price

Vision Board Post – Divi Template

Today as I read a blog article by a client and friend, I was inspired to draft this initial Divi Layout Template. I'm calling it a Vision Board template. The idea is to recreate the concept of a specific type of vision board.  (There's a video at the...