Infinite Scroll Genesis Video Tutorials

Infinite Scroll in Genesis - what's the deal?

I've tried implementing infinite scroll a couple times and run up against a wall. Infinite Scroll — Jetpack for WordPress Instead of having to click a link to get to the next set of posts, infinite scrolling pulls the next posts automatically into view when the reader approaches the bottom of the page. Unlike many of the modules in Jetpack, Infinite Scroll only works with themes that support it. Since each theme is constructed a bit differently, the Infinite Scroll module needs information about the theme to function properly. Via I found a new tutorial however that I think … [Read more...]

Protect WordPress from DDoS attack on Pingbacks


I came across a blog article by Cloudflare.  I use and recommend Cloudflare as a security protection and speed booster on all of my sites and all of my client sites.  Cloudflare has saved the day for myself and my clients far more times than I can count.  I came across this article on Facebook originally. WordPress Pingback Attacks and our WAF WordPress' ubiquity on the web can make it an ideal target for Layer 7 attacks, and its powerful features as a blogging platform can be demanding on small web and database servers, meaning Layer 7 attacks can be effective in making a WordPress server … [Read more...]

Catching up with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Advanced Custom Fields ex

This month I've been catching up with an old friend of mine, Advanced Custom Fields.  This is a free WordPress plugin and tool that I do not use regularly.  Most projects I work on do not require the creation of custom fields.  Custom Post types (not to be confused with custom fields) further reduces my need to use custom fields. But... When a site or section of a site needs the ability to collect unique information in fields and display them in ways that is outside the scope of a theme or even a plugin, this is where ACF comes in and can save the day and enable some very advanced … [Read more...]

Optimized WordPress Managed Hosting Comes to More Traditional Hosts

Media Temple joins Godaddy offering managed wordpress hosting services

Following on the heels (and success) of companies like Pressable and WPEngine who offer Managed WordPress Hosting services that we use and recommend ourselves.  Two more traditional hosting companies are moving to help WordPress users optimize and speedup their WordPress experiences through Managed WordPress Hosting.  This is a premium hosting service generally targeted at 1-5 sites at a time typically and for a monthly fee that is definitely a premium compared to generic hosting services.  The benefit comes in the speed, reliability, backups, optimization of page load times and the reduced … [Read more...]

Taking the Scare out of Automatic Updates-WordPress 3.7.X

Stop Automatic Wordpress updates individual plugins ManageWP

WordPress sites have grown increased in numbers rapidly, yet too many people set them up and don't update them.  They miss the chance to fix security weaknesses through updates to Wordpress, WordPress Plugins and WordPress themes. Enter the Solution Automatic Updates of WordPress, WordPress Plugins and Themes Now it wasn't difficult to update these things before.  For the most part, you could backup your site, and then simply push a button to install an update on your site in no time. But that was really too hard.  It required logging in, running a backup, and then pushing a … [Read more...]

Inserting Ads Mid Post in Genesis with Simple Ads Manager


This weekend I was having some difficulty inserting ads within the middle of a post using the plugin  Simple Ads Manager.  In retrospect (cutting to the chase a bit) there seems to be a setting within the Ads place setting that has the power of turning this on or off.  I've stumbled on it by accident twice, but not able to replicate the process when I need it. I like the plugin for managing ads in other areas of a WordPress install, just fine.  Its the insertion within a post (ergo maybe 3-5 paragraphs down or something) where it gave me trouble. So I tried to tackle things in a semi old … [Read more...]

Reflections on Affiliate Summit East 2013 – #aes13

Shannon Weidemann & Karen Garcia speaking on Making the Most of Working From Home #AES13

This is a bit of a long article, and more of my own inner perspective on Affiliate Summit and my recent trip.  Maybe some of my insights might prove useful, however if not, that's ok, please just browse on.  I have been to several Affiliate Summit events.  I have been to two or three Affiliate Summits in the West (aka Las Vegas) and two events in Affiliate Summit East (both in New York City).  This year the event was in Philadelphia.  I had never been to Philadelphia before, so I saw this as an adventure and an opportunity to head back to Affiliate Summit…. To kick things off however, here … [Read more...]

Adding OTHER users to Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools

No Thanks! I do not want your Google Password!!!!!

Ever wanted to share your google analytics information with someone else?  (skip below to see how or read...) Background on the Dark Ages of sharing Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Access Maybe you want to share stats with a business partner or a contractor or consultant or maybe you want to share Google Webmaster Tools access with an employee so they can dig around and clean up issues with your site.  In the old days if you wanted to give someone access to your Google Analytics information, you had to give them your google account email address and password.  Eventually Google … [Read more...]

Tips To Market Your Book On Facebook

Facebook Marketing

Video Summary In this video, Brett Bumeter seeks Warren Whitlock’s expert comments and discusses the best approach to market your book through Facebook to get effective results. Some pointers from Warren’s advice on how to approach promoting your book – Social media is not a medium to broadcast and sell something What comes to a user’s mind is that matters when he or she is looking for information You need to get known and be attracting those people who actually want to read your book As an author you should be available to the readers and create a two-way medium You should have a … [Read more...]