How to Add More Parallax sections to Parallax Pro from StudioPress

This month, I gave a quick presentation at our Charlotte WordPress Meetup.  I quickly walked through the files and edits needed to add additional sections to the Parallax Pro theme home page (Parallax Pro from StudioPress). The steps to increase the number of Parallax sections within the Parallax Pro theme from StudioPress running on the Genesis Framework. Background Parallax themes are very popular and when used with the right content in the right environments can be very powerful.  A good parallax theme set up well can help tell and illustrate a story.  This can be especially … [Read more...]

Don’t Update too Fast to WordPress 4.0

Wordpress 4.0 update

Its time again for me to caution all but the early adopters to try and wait a bit before upgrading to WordPress 4.0. I routinely advise waiting to update major releases and my typical cautionary advice for an update like this would be to wait at a minimum until 4.0.1 comes out and sometimes I'd even advise waiting until 4.1. With WordPress 4.0 I would especially advise waiting if you are running plugins that alter the admin area of WordPress or the Post editor within WordPress. Times are changing though and I'd like to recommend an additional option.  This may or may not be the … [Read more...]

Empire Avenue tips

Empire Avenue Strategies & Tips Gamified Social Media Account Management

I have compiled an Empire Avenue Tips video playlist.  It can teach you some of the basics and some of the things that work on Empire Avenue.  To see this scroll to the bottom, if you would like to read some of the background on how I came to this point, keep reading. Background on my Empire Avenue Experience I started using/playing Empire Avenue in August of 2013.  After my 7 year old daughter talked me into playing Subway Surfer on the iPad the year before, I had soon bested all of my Facebook friends and racked up over 2 million points as a high score. I spent hours playing, often while … [Read more...]

WordPress temporary login vulnerability on public wifi

Ars Technica reporting on cookie hacking vulnerability in wordpress

There's a report out of a new security vulnerability for both accounts (you know it if you have it) and self hosted wordpress accounts(you probably know it if you have this one too!)  If not just ask below and leave your link. The problem is more serious on sites and there is no fix scheduled yet. Self installed WordPress sites (like this one) should be secured again in a couple weeks when the next auto update rolls out. In the meantime, to be safest you should avoid logging into WordPress on a public wifi until this is resolved.  Its unfortunate that this … [Read more...]

Campaign Monitor and Gravity Forms

This week I am working on a project to use Gravity Forms to collect information and sign people up for an email newsletter run through Campaign Monitor.  In this case, the original setup used and setup by a different firm was too complex running on a custom made form that was far too difficult to update or change. Gravity Forms is always one of my first choices for simple to manage forms.  It has an add-on that enables those forms to connect to a list within Campaign Monitor. One of the things on the old form that needed improvement was a checklist of topic categories.  No one was … [Read more...]

Managing Twitter Messages, Scheduling, Campaigns and more

SocialOomph for managing twitter and social media

For five or six years now, I have been using a twitter management tool called SocialOomph.  It is very handy for monitoring the mentions of your name, company’s name, hashtags and more.  It is also outstanding for scheduling tweets. These are just some of the basic features I have used it for example to schedule tweet messages during conferences.  If I am speaking at a conference, I will often schedule a few tweets inviting people to check out my session ahead of time, sometimes including videos of my past talks and presentations such that they can get a sense of the style and quality of … [Read more...]

Displaying Custom Taxonomy (Tags) in Genesis Custom Post Type

Display Custom Taxonomy on Custom Post Type Single post

This weekend, I temporarily got stuck on a simple problem.  How to list or display Custom Taxonomies (Custom Tags or Categories) in a Genesis Child Theme on a Custom Post Type Single post. That last sentence probably seems ridiculously filled with double speak. It is, but the specificity was needed.  I probably performed 2 dozen google searches trying to narrow things down before I found what I was looking for.  Sometimes too many keywords makes it impossible to find what you are looking for... Here's the code I used. Note I provided my own taxonomy which was theme_type. You can … [Read more...]

How to Turn VigLink off in Genesis Posts

turning off Viglink in Genesis with Body class

Need to turn VigLink off for a specific post on a site running a StudioPress theme from the Genesis Framework? What a mouthful... It's easy with the right code.  (Jump below to skip the backstory) Well I did too.  I was working on a site that I have managed for the last few months, and previously developed for a client. We were running Viglink across the site.  The monetization of the site through Viglink was not something to write home about, however the stats that come with Viglink were very insightful. We published an article and for a variety of reasons, we needed to … [Read more...]

Adding Users to Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools & Adsense

Adding Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Users

The days of sharing your gmail address and account login information for your Google Analytics or Google Webmaster tools are over.  (finally!) Google offers more secure ways of sharing access to these accounts without having to open up your email and other google tools to a web developer or SEO firm or even your virtual assistant. Below are instructions and quick links to instruction to help you safely share your information such that you can scale and get help with your site. Adding a view only google analytics user: Login to Google Analytics Select your site in Google … [Read more...]

Turning Those Open Browser Tabs into A Blog Article – Custom Post Types and Genesis Page Templates

YouTube Player of wp roundup video

This article has two purposes.  It shows (via the video that will be attached from youtube soon) how I created this article in the first place.  I had a whole mess of tabs opened in my browser and I used a WordPress plugin called WP Roundup, to capture all the titles, links and summaries of those articles to create this article.  That's what the video shows. Second, I captured a great deal of my research sources over the last couple days involving my recent work with  Advanced Custom Fields and some advanced page template work in Genesis' Framework from … [Read more...]