Advanced Blogger Management

After you create a free blog with blogger, you are off to the races.  The system is very easy and you will quickly start looking at ways to do more advanced things with your blog.  Here are several tips to help you add a podcast, upload a video, provide mobile updates to your blogger blog and more.

Creating a Blog List with Blogger

Ever wanted to add a blog list or blogroll to your blogger blog?

Creating a Podcast with Blogger

Ever wanted to know to create your own Podcast with Blogger? Check out this video tutorial!

Adjusting your Blogger privacy settings

Want to control who can read your blog and who can’t?

Uploading a Video with Blogger

Ever wanted to upload a video to your Blogger blog? Check out this video tutorial!

How to use Blogger Mobile

Have you ever wanted to create a Mobile Blog (a post to your blog from a cell phone or an iPhone)? Check out this video tutorial!

Adding a Google Gadget to your blog

Add thousands of Google Gadgets to your Blogger blog by following this video tutorial!

Blogger Help Center Video

How to explore and use the Blogger Help Center.   There is a great deal of useful information here and in other forums.  Google rarely provides any actual ‘customer support’ and so you are really on your own when using this ‘free service’.  :)  Most of the time this is not a problem, but when you pay nothing for something, you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to ‘customer support’.

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