How to keep Content Evergreen

How to make content evergreen

  In this video, Warren Whitlock asks Brett Bumeter, a top Wordpress web developer, What needs to be done to maintain the enormous volume of articles on older websites with hundreds or even thousands of blog articles? Brett describes steps starting with the examination of relevant content or content that is drawing people to a website via search. Perform Google Analytics traffic analysis, bounce rates analysis, broken links reviews and more. The plugin - 'Broken Link Checker' for WordPress is mentioned as an automated way to identify old articles with broken links. Additional … [Read more...]

Interactive Writing Tools Talk at WordCamp Atlanta

Interactive Writing Plugins presentation Inbound Writer and Scribe SEO screencast video

Interactive Writing Tools at WordCamp Atlanta This year I'm speaking at WordCamp Atlanta about Interactive Writing tools or in Wordpress speak 'Interactive Writing plugins'.  In particular I am covering two plugins, a plug-in that I discovered in 2010 and another plug-in that I discovered at the end of2011. The first plug-in is Scribe SEO and the second plug-in is something called InboundWriter. Both plug-ins are considered to be premium plug-ins. A premium plug-in is a plug-in that you have to pay something for as opposed to a plug-in that is free. Scribe SEO does come in the form of a … [Read more...]

Decrease Bounce Rate on Blog Articles–Swim Up Stream


How to decrease bounce rate and increase page views at the same time If you think about this question for a few seconds you will likely realize that both outcomes are tied together pretty closely.  If a visitor arrives at your website, and  then leaves immediately without viewing any other pages it is considered a bounce by Google Analytics.  So if you decrease bounce rate, those would have been bouncing visitors have not left, they  have moved onto another page on your site, thus you have increased your page views.  Sounds great, so how do we do it? Background on Bounce Rate first.  Google … [Read more...]

Searching for Bounce Rate Decrease with Scribe SEO?

Bounce Rate Graph with Scribe SEO

My dramatically decreased website bounce rate has amazed me for months, for most of 2010 in fact.  I originally attributed the decrease in my bounce rate to the Scribe SEO plugin, a premium plugin that enables a powerhouse of Search Engine Optimization and Copywriting Optimization. Proudly displayed Scribe SEO Affiliate link I tried out and immediately signed up for the Scribe SEO service last winter towards the end of February and early March of 2010.  I wrote about Scribe SEO and created a couple early video demos out in the dock office.  (you might even be able to see my teeth … [Read more...]

WordPress Article Optimization Content Development for Oldies!

scribe vs inboundwriter video

  I have developed some great WordPress Article Optimization Techniques for those old WordPress articles.  Since I started using the Scribe SEO plugin in conjunction with All in One SEO plus (New for 2011) the InboundWriter freemium service and SEO plugin, these techniques have gotten even better. There are a few content development principles at play with this exercise: Plan to do the content development work yourself.  You know the topic and the business better than anyone.  Save yourself money and get it right the first time. Spot the old WordPress articles that need to be … [Read more...]

SEO Copywriting WordPress Content Optimization Plugin Video Review

SEO Copywriting w WordPress Review - Scribe SEO the early days

Copywriting, Content Optimization, and SEO Optimization may be tedious, but they do not have to be time consuming nor arcane with the new Scribe SEO for WP Plugin & the upcoming Scribe for the general Web service, which methodically guides writers through the SEO copywriting and content optimization process boosting Search Engine Optimization Results as well as Click through from SERPs! SEO Copywriting & Content Optimization – Automated by Copyblogger himself! The Scribe service is the brain child of Brian Clark, aka Copyblogger, and he had great reason to create this tool, helping … [Read more...]