Catching Up, Avoiding Craziness, Preparing for Travel!

This week has been hands down crazy, and I just wanted to share a little bit of it with you to help explain why that little bit behind writing on this column and posting some new videos and tutorials.  First, I had to make an unplanned trip to Georgia, after my alarm system for my fire alarm started triggering a false alarm. I had to head to the house where I keep the alarm turned off while I waited for two days for the repair person to show up and replace the sensor. While I was there, I did a great deal of work on my laptop using my air card, while I frequently took breaks to literally … [Read more...]

WRF Sues Nokia, Samsung and Panasonic

Motorola may have had some bad news today, but they were noticeably absent from a line up of consumer electronics manufactures that are being sued by the Washington Research Foundation (WRF) for using Bluetooth technology, which WRF claims is an infringement on their patents. The suit alleges that the companies Nokia, Samsung and Panasonic (part of Matsushita) used technology from CSR Plc out of the United Kingdom that infringed on the 3 of 4 patents that WRF holds on the technology. Shares of CSR fell after the announcement of the lawsuit.  It would appear that the larger conglomerates … [Read more...]

Slim Phone Coolness Penetrates Finnish Parkas and Wakes up Nokia

After dismissing the need for a slim cell phone that is too easily lost in the pockets of a Finnish parka, Nokia finally seems to be awaking to the fact that its phones are no longer considered cool.  In a decade long role reversal, Nokia has had the tides turned on it to learn that its phones are not thin enough to be considered cool unlike Motorola. It seems like just yesterday that Nokia was showing up Motorola (the cell phone leader of the day back in the mid 90's) with cooler phones that had that amazing DIGITAL capability that was all the rage with the kids and more importantly with … [Read more...]

Nokia to beat Motorola to Market

Nokia is racing to beat Motorola to market on a new wave of cellular products. A product that could literally require every cell phone user around the world to upgrade their phone. What is the product? Is it a new 8.0 mega pixel phone? .............No Is it a camcorder phone?.............No Is it a 3d phone?.............No Does the phone have a projector built in to it?.............No Will it pay your taxes?............. Almost! and then some. The killer product is a cell phone that is an electronic wallet. Picture a phone that allows you to literally leave your wallet at home. No credit … [Read more...]

Nokia Stakes out Motorola's Backyard

Your the number one cell phone maker in the world. Your closest competition, the former number one cell phone maker in the world, has been having a mostly great season with a serious hit product on their hands. What do you do? Go on the offense. That's exactly what Nokia has anounced. "Nokia plans to open a 'flagship store' in Chicago on June 21, with a New York store in the 'Fifth Avenue region' opening before the end of 2006," according to David Watkins the Nokia Director of Multimedia Computers. Motorola's headquarters in Libertyville, IL are just a few miles outside of Chicago in the … [Read more...]