Optimize Artisteer WordPress Theme’s H1/H2 Title Tags for SEO

WordPress Theme’s H1 H2 Title Tags for SEO

Quick tutorial to show you how to optimize Title Tags, H1 Tags and H2 Tags in an Artisteer generated WordPress 3.0 theme to optimize your SEO results and rank just a bit better than the default theme generated by this theme generation software. UPDATE - H1/H2 Title tag Optimization Tutorial Video Audio Fixed! Open the following files in your theme in a text editor of your choice (I use dreamweaver, which allows a find / replace option on all open files)  This H1/H2 title optimization tutorial currently applies for Artisteer versions 2.4.x and older.  (2.5 is currently available but I … [Read more...]

How to Speed up Artisteer WordPress Theme Load Times


WordPress despite being a fantastic CMS system and SEO powerhouse is notorious for slow load times of individual web pages.  Google is expected to start ranking slow loading websites below faster loading websites this year (2010).  So if you want to keep your site competitive even at an SEO level, you need to speed up load times.  Besides a faster loading web page will make your visitors happier! 4 Tools to Help You Speed up Artisteer Themes and Wordpress sites Artisteer Discount Code/Link If you would like to get a 5% discount on a new Artisteer license (home/education or … [Read more...]