No MindManager 7 CD Waiting . . .

I mentioned yesterday that I just could not wait to get home and install the new MindManager 7.  I was expecting the CD to have shipped out on the launch date, May 30.  I was traveling that week and just returned home last night. 

So I expected that the CD would probably make it my way in a couple days via snail mail.

Unfortunately, I was wrong.  :(

I did receive a great MindManager 7 t-shirt, which I really like but it doesn’t quite deliver that same amount of productivity that the actual software provides.  Sure I feel pretty comfortable today as I sit at my desk in the MindManager T-shirt, but it would be oh so much better to be test driving the new software.

What about the MindManager 7 Beta?

Some of you may point out that the beta has been available for a long time.  Well for whatever reason, my password for Mindjet labs went bad about 18 months ago, and I have never been able to find someone at Mindjet to fix it. 

So I wasn’t notified about the beta test last fall.  In fact I didn’t know about MM7 until about 45 days ago.  I received the recommendation from Mindjet to sign up for the beta then, which I did right away.  Unfortunately, I have never heard from Mindjet on the beta either.

No Mindjet labs, no MindManager 7 Beta, No MindManager 7.

I guess that’s three strikes and I’m out!

Still Glad to have the consolation prize t-shirt. 

You can never have enough t-shirts when you work from a home office!  :)


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    Hi Brett- on the day of the MindManager 7 release (May 30th) I emailed you a complimentary license key and training resources. I just read your blog and it sounds like you never received it, so I’m emailing it to you again now. Please confirm you receive it! It was out intention that you’d have it along with the t-shirt on the same day. Thanks- Gaelen.


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