How to Design a WordPress Theme – Unconference WordCamp Boston

I finally edited & uploaded some basic video on WordPress Theme Design I took, after catching up on my sleep after traveling back all night from Boston from one of the largest wordcamps that I have attended to date.  The first video is a quick presentation I gave during the unconference session, showing people how to design their first wordpress theme using the software that makes it easy, Artisteer.

Videos of the WP theme design presentation in 3 parts

Part 1 – How to design wordpress theme tutorial with Artisteer
Part 2 – How to design wordpress theme tutorial with Artisteer

Update – Part 3 is now fixed and working

Part 3 – How to design wordpress theme tutorial with Artisteer

Getting setup and going with the presentation was a little haphazard so the presentation wasn’t as polished as similar versions I delivered in Birmingham, Las Vegas and Savannah, but the audience had a lot of good questions, and I didn’t mind the change up.  It actually helped me quite a bit get a better feeling for those areas of the presentation that are probably more important for people learning to design WP themes for the first time.


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