Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 Advertising Campaign Goes on TV

image This evening I saw something rather surprising.  I saw a television advertisement for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  This surprised me a little bit because you don’t often times these software products advertised on TV.  Since I use the product myself, I’m using it right now, I am not surprised that someone made the investment to advertise a product on TV.

There’s one sure thing about Dragon Naturally Speaking 9, this voice recognition software works very well.  I have written about it several times, I’ve written reviews, I’ve done beta testing work, I’ve even put together video tutorials and other experiments with the software.

Dragon Naturally Speaking enables me to type faster and it enables me to type without having to use my hands or my eyes to look at my computer.

It is one of the best software products I’ve ever purchased.  It could use a few minor improvements here there are, but it is very good and definitely worth the money.  It’s not terribly expensive the software goes and you can buy it for $100.  I would classify that as cheap software, but it is definitely affordable for what you can do with it and how much you can save your hands and eyes when you do a lot of computer work.

If you have thought about using software and have any questions about it, please feel free to leave a comment.  I don’t know the answer I will be more than happy to experiment for you.  If it helps, I will even put together the video example is that you can seethe results of my test.  I will then publish that her in a blog where you can view it.  Just leave me a comment with your request and I will see what I can do and see what I can show you with Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.

Working with Voice recognition is much easier than typing, with practice it can be much easier than using a mouse.  One of the biggest benefits of voice recognition, is the decrease in eyestrain that you experience when using voice recognition.  You find yourself not looking at the computer screen as much, especially for people that work with laptops.


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  1. says

    Hello there:
    I have dragon naturally speaking preferred 8 and I have experienced one thing this is a rather significant problem. When I write something over 100 pages, the results start to deteriorate untill, finally, the program freezes up. Have you experienced this?
    I actually talked to tech support about this a while ago and they seemed to be aware of the problem and didnt offer a solution at that time.
    I am wondering if it has been resolved in preferred 9

  2. says

    Hi Greg,

    I have not experienced that issue with DNS9, but I have typically capped most of my documents (for natural reasons) at no more than 40-50 pages.

    That said, there is a setting that can be modified that dictates how much memory is used to record the wav version of your voice when you write a document. This recording can then be used to playback your speech when you edit and other tasks.

    If your memory setting is used up during a session, then I have seen a couple odd things happen but they are not quite as detrimental as what you described with DNS8 and they can be avoided if you set your memory high enough or you do not save the wav file for play back.

  3. Mary says

    I had purchased a version of DNS about 10 years ago and was not impressed. Now I am checking out the version 9 software. How does this program will work with someone that has problems with their speech? Any help you can give me with this would be appreciated.

  4. says

    Hi Mary,
    I have not tested the software with a situation like you hint at. I do know that a great deal of effort is going into providing copies of this software and laptops to injured soldiers returning from war. I believe some of those injuries have impact on speech, but have not heard specific stories describing how well the software performs with those situations.

    There are 2 areas where the software probably has some capability to deal with speech that is less than perfect.

    1. You can train the software for specific words. So if for example a person were to regularly pronounce a word in a way that fails to generate the desired outcome, you could train the software to respond as expected word by word.

    2. You can run an evaluation program (free download after the purchase of version 9) from Nuance. The Nuance team can then generate a personal profile to run on your computer. The evaluation takes several weeks worth of use on the program before enough data points can be gathered up.

    All that said, I suspect that the only way you will find out if it really works is to try it. I am not sure if there is a way that I might recreate speech problems to give you a better understanding. If you would like to comment and leave me a description of the issue, I can attempt to emulate it (with the sincere goal that my emulation would not cause offense). Alternatively, if you feel more comfortable, you can email me a description of the speech problem. try hotline at softduit dot com :)

  5. Mary says

    Thanks for your help. This is for my daughter for Christmas. I will let her try it to see just how it works for her. I like that idea that we train it for specific words. It might even help her with her pronunciation.
    Is is able to work with Linux?
    I hope this works as good as it sounds.

    thanks for your help

  6. says

    Hi Mary, No Problem. :)

    I do not know if it can work with Linux or not, but looking at the fact sheets, I do not believe that it can.

    Thanks, Brett (aka admin)

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