Removing Noise – Audio Clean Up of Your Screencast

removing white noise from laptop recording 3

I struggled over the last month to clean up the audio quality of my voice recordings. Specifically, I have a book project that I've been working on for over a year now. The project is moving into a fund raising stage and I needed to record a quick intro of myself setting up a short story version of the book and then a closing that is something between a call to action for a pledge drive for the book and a chat with the author. The problem I had is that despite having a relatively new computer, and an awesome recording microphone (Rode Procaster) I was getting some kind of white noise in the … [Read more...]

Affiliate Data Feeds & WordPress: Exploring Methodologies at Affiliate Summit unConference


Monday, I had the opportunity to brainstorm with dozens of affiliates on the topic of maximizing data feeds or affiliate data feed files pulled from affiliate networks into WordPress websites.  The end results is that we were able to share and gather up a long list of useful tools that WordPress and other website users can deploy to pull content into their site from a data feed file with affiliate links. What is a Data Feed File in the Affiliate World? Essentially the Data Feed File can contain information that can be used to populate content on a website.  It typically in either csv or xml … [Read more...]

Just Installed Evernote on my PC after installing Ap on my Palm Pre

After getting my Palm Pre running again today, I had to get caught up on lots of stuff.  One of them was an oustanding to do to download and install Evernote on my PC to run in conjunction with the mobile ap on my Palm Pre. Haven’t heard of Evernote? Basically its a tool that indexes text in images captured by camera or camera phone and sent into the service.  (it does some other cool things too, but that seems to be the main reason why I picked it up.) You can get a general idea of some of the other functionality from this video. … [Read more...]

Using a New Wind Screen on a Windy Day with Dragon Naturally Speaking 10

As some of you may recall, I attempted to create a home made wind screen for my noise cancellation headset.  I plug that into my Sony Voice Recorder and then I can walk around outside composing and dictating as I like. Testing Home Made Windscreen, DNS 10 & Windy Day Well, until yesterday, I had not yet had the opportunity to really test the windscreen out on a very windy day.  Yesterday, was not only windy, but it was also noisy and so I got some video of one of my sessions where I’m writing a chapter for a novel in the NaNoWrimi contest (national novel writing month). … [Read more...]

What is Best Quality Setting for Optimal Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 transcription with Sony IC Recorder

I have a Sony IC Recorder ICD-UX70.  It is not sold to work with Dragon Naturally Speaking 9, but works just fine.  It cost me $100.  For $200 you can buy a Sony Recorder that comes with Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 software, and I consider that a great bargain. I bought my software, Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 Preferred, over a year ago and bought the recorder later.  In total I spent $150 for the software and $100 for the recorder.  Total $250. Since the Sony IC recorder doesn't come made for DNS 9, I had to do some trial and error testing to figure out the best … [Read more...]

Building a Video Story Board with MindManager Mind Maps

Here to for, I've generally built videos and tutorials with the unorganized approach of recording some video while I do something and then going back and editing it into something useful. Today, I was working on a viral video for a client and actually built a story board of the video before I put it together attempting to plan out how I would present the video. This actually worked pretty well for me, even though the story board turned out to be very rough. Here's a quick video showing the MindManager map I used for this situation. Plus, here is the resulting viral video that I created from … [Read more...]

How to Get Rid of the Annoying Excel Warning About Differences in Formulas

There is an idiot light in Excel that often times needs to be shut off if you want to keep your sanity and keep your spreadsheets looking sharp. The evil little critter looks like a paint brush and shows up hovering slightly over the edge of a cell's corner.  It is supposed to tell you that the cell in question does not have the same formula as a cell next to it. That is great if you have a massive spreadsheet of heavily repeating formulas. However, when you have a spread sheet where the cells formulas are very different from cell to cell it gets in the way and becomes tedious to deal … [Read more...]

How to MacGiver a Treo with a Q-Tip – A Q-Stylus

I have an old Treo 600 and I'm just about ready to upgrade, but I haven't figured out which carrier I'm going with and so I can't make a final decision on the new Treo I'll pack next. About a month ago, I lost the stylus for the phone when I was chasing my lost dog through the woods.  Its hard enough to find a stylus for a new treo let alone find one for one of the oldest treo's made by Palm.  I haven't really tried too hard either. Well, its been getting harder and harder to work the phone without a stylus, especially my alarm clock (using the Butler program).  So the other night when I was … [Read more...]