Gravity Forms vs Survey Monkey-Best Survey Tool for WordPress?

Gravity Forms vs Survey Monkey

I generally use Gravity Forms (same plugin we installed to field feedback on your last site). It can definitely be used as a survey tool to create quick and simple surveys. It can also be used to create long and complex multipage surveys. Imho Survey Monkey is a great service, but for one off polls, I like Gravity Forms better. There is no monthly subscription fee, no limits on how many questions or even responses you can receive without having to pay more. I think there is a place and time for Survey Monkey, especially when you want to provide a survey with a somewhat sterile looking … [Read more...]

Decrease Bounce Rate on Blog Articles–Swim Up Stream


How to decrease bounce rate and increase page views at the same time If you think about this question for a few seconds you will likely realize that both outcomes are tied together pretty closely.  If a visitor arrives at your website, and  then leaves immediately without viewing any other pages it is considered a bounce by Google Analytics.  So if you decrease bounce rate, those would have been bouncing visitors have not left, they  have moved onto another page on your site, thus you have increased your page views.  Sounds great, so how do we do it? Background on Bounce Rate first.  Google … [Read more...]

The 2011 State of the BlogWorld Expo LA #bwela


Herein lies my report on the State of the BlogWorld Expo. Unlike other States of thing type of reports, this report has a sample size of 1. There have been years of anecdotal conversations and debates that have fueled this report, but in a Steve Jobs kind of way, it is really my own perspective on the State of the BlogWorld Expo. This is a show and a community that I have grown to care about quite a bit over the years even though, for most that attend it’s just business these days. If you are not familiar with my writing style (and Google analytics tells me your are not), I tend to use 50 … [Read more...]

Upgrading Blogger to WordPress

Blogger to WordPress self hosted aka wordpress dot org

Currently we are documenting the process for upgrading a site from Blogger to WordPress.  Softduit does offer this as a consulting service.  The primary challenge with training people to perform this function is that Google's Blogger service routinely fails when it comes to upgrading a blogger blog to a real domain name. In general the steps for upgrading from Blogger to WordPress are as follows Convert address to a real domain (step can take several days, costs $10 with Google) Export copy of content from blogger system to file on your … [Read more...]

How to Upgrade a Free Blog to a Custom URL

Purchasing and setting up a custom domain

Upgrade Free Blog to Custom URL and/or Hosted Domain If you have a free blog hosted on ‘Blogger’ with a url, you might consider migrating it to a domain name that you own. There are different times to consider this and you will have to make the call.  If you want to earn money as a blogger the best way to achieve this goal is to create good quality content.  That said, your good quality content can earn more if it is located in a premium location (outside of blogger or which is considered to be a bad neighborhood because it is free and contains sites that many … [Read more...]

Training Goal 1 – Blog Setup Goals

To achieve the first goal of this completely self paced program you will need to create 2 blogs(web log websites).   Achieving the initial Blog Setup Goals is easy and can be completed quickly. 3 Quick Blog Setup Steps : Setup a free blogging account on something like Google’s Blogger (Free Service). Setup a blog website on your own hosted domain name with a blog powered by Google’s Blogger. Setup a blog website on your own hosted domain name and a host running WordPress. We use and recommend Hostgator Hosting because they have affordable entry level pricing, and a graduated … [Read more...]

Social Networking 1.5 Surfing Exchanges

I do not write about this concept too much on Maven Mapper's Information these days, however there is a very good and slightly old fashioned way to network with other bloggers across the blogosphere.  Its called a blog surfing exchange.  How Blog Surfing Exchanges Work A blogger or a non-blogger signs up (works better if you have a blog).  You then surf through the directory of blogs that they offer, they tend to display a new blog one after the next in categories that you pick.  You control the speed and you can rate blogs as you go if you want to do that type of … [Read more...]

Keeping the Creative Juices Going

As a writer, web designer and CEO, I have a serious need for creativity.  It is intrinsic to everything I do.  My business will not survive if I am not constantly innovating and creating new things from: websites graphic design artwork, buttons, banners, flash presentations mindmaps databases (yes designing a database requires a great deal of creativity) coding designing processes business plans stories, articles how to guides videos Those are all activities that I will hit in a given month, sometimes a week and sometimes a day.  That … [Read more...]