Tips To Market Your Book On Facebook

Video Summary

In this video, Brett Bumeter seeks Warren Whitlock’s expert comments and discusses the best approach to market your book through Facebook to get effective results.

    Some pointers from Warren’s advice on how to approach promoting your book –

  • Social media is not a medium to broadcast and sell something
  • What comes to a user’s mind is that matters when he or she is looking for information
  • You need to get known and be attracting those people who actually want to read your book
  • As an author you should be available to the readers and create a two-way medium
  • You should have a presence where people are already talking about your subject
  • Collaboration is an effective way of getting the word out
  • Finding the group of people which are interested in your niche is a personal touch and very important to promote your book
  • Adding a persona is highly recommended wherein in spite of the non-existence of a real person, users get to engage with the author behind the works
  • People like to talk to a person rather than a page

Warren goes on to give different analogies explaining what’s best while marketing your book. He explains an example of Betty Crocker drawing comparisons about how one should take a similar approach. It was not a great experience creating fan pages on Facebook for Warren, but he recommends that approach as a personal choice. Most importantly, he suggests being available for the readers to engage with and being represented in all social mediums like Twitter and LinkedIn to add the professional touch.

Learn How To Revamp Your Old Content Using YouTube Videos

Video Summary

Through this video, Brett Bumeter and Warren Whitlock, provide information on how YouTube videos can help a user revamp the older content to give it a fresh perspective.

As Brett indicates, over a period of time, one evolves as a blogger, writer and content producer. There could be plenty of information which is old but yet ranks higher. Adding a YouTube video to that content will give new traction driving more traffic.

    Brett goes on to explain a few advantages of adding videos, such as –

  • A video helps users better understand the content of an article
  • Including a video alongside your written content makes it an interesting blog post with a fresh new feel
  • The older articles get a new impression through a video enabling the user to review it even if it has been read before
  • Creates a new insight into your content and gives a visual appeal

Brett shares a few tips about how one can take advantage of adding such videos to revitalize their older content. He suggests having the content re-written to some extent, such as not to lose the ranking, and then add a video link to it. One can also add a video stating information about that old post, mentioning the year when you wrote that content. You can also portray the differences and observations over a period of time. Videos add a new vector to your old content and makes it look new and informative.

Find Out How FAQ’s Can Improve Your Website

Video Summary

In this video, Brett Bumeter and Warren Whitlock discusses as to how FAQs, which stands for Frequently Asked Questions, can help improve your website presence and engage users.

Brett explains that a regular user might not envision browsing the website and learning the content in a similar fashion as the owner designed it to be. Including a FAQ section helps prevent misconceptions and misunderstandings about the content of the website and goes on to make the user familiar with it.

    As per Brett, one should review the website pages, and figure out if there is any content which seems unclear and needs clarification. Adding a FAQ section at the bottom of the page helps the viewers in two ways –

  • It helps answer queries which the user might have before they decide to exit the website due to lack of information
  • It helps clear any doubts or discrepancies in terms of what the user’s perspective is about the content

Brett also mentions that adding the FAQ section improves SEO due to extra content written on your website. It helps Google better index and contextually “understand” your page. There are various plug-ins like “FAQ Plug-in” available which can help one create the FAQ section at the bottom of the page.

A user can entail the use of such a plug-in and create different FAQ sections pertaining to the about us, products, services and other categories. You need to type in the question, answer it and add a category. The plug-in will organize the FAQs as per the chosen category thus providing a pleasant browsing experience avoiding clutter.

Why Should You Enable And Encourage Comments?

Video Summary

In this video, Brett Bumeter questions the potential of why one should keep commenting enabled on one’s website or a blog. He is concerned about spam comments and contemplates whether it would be more beneficial to disable comment completely? Warren Whitlock addresses this query by bringing forward the advantages that are attached to having the functionality of comments alive.

    Warren encourages users to keep their website or blog open for other followers and readers to leave comments. Some of the benefits he mentions are –

  • Comments are a flow of informational activity which is of great use for search engine ranking
  • Commenting helps build a community of users who become true followers of your content and care enough to actually spend some time to leave back feedback
  • A genuine real user who leaves a comment, is considered a gem, a potential customer who would be worth getting in touch with if there exists an opportunity of interaction
  • Commenting helps build your network, get in touch with likeminded people, share contact information and further connect for work
  • He goes on to mention that as a user if you don’t care about people who comment on your content, or if you are not moderating the comments, or do not extend the courtesy of answering back by not paying attention to feedback, then you are inviting spam. Warren concludes with the thought that every writer who reads a comment is also excited to get back one too. So in order to be considered a thought leader in your niche, he recommends to take out time to comment and contribute as much as you can.

How to Record Video Shows using ooVoo

Video Summary

This video displays how Brett Bumeter and Warren Whitlock record these video shows through ooVoo. They have tried Skype, Google Hangout and other software but finally decided on ooVoo to record the videos.

    Advantages –

  • Headshots are of the same size
  • Names above the headshots with the Twitter handle
  • Links can be embedded
  • Easy workflow for recording
  • Generates an AVI file and has ease of uploading to YouTube
  • Affordable pricing
    Disadvantages –

  • ooVoo does not offer a screen sharing while keeping the recording on
  • Undergoes the process of buffering up the recorded video, and works on it once the call ends

Brett and Warren discuss why overall ooVoo offers good value compared to other video recording tools.

Real Name vs Business name on Google Plus Accounts

Video Summary

The video displays a discussion between Brett Bumeter and Warren Whitlock on the topic of whether someone should setup a Google Plus account with a personal name or a business name to start with.
Warren mentions that Google requires identifying your account with your real name. He also highlights that people are smart enough to figure out what’s real and what’s fake. He gives different analogies along with an example of Betty Crocker explaining how one can use a pseudo name.

Some takeaways from this discussion –

  • Anybody can create pages in Google Plus. Pages can be developed for characters, stories, movies and much more
  • Be authentic, be real
  • Create separate pages for characters, stories, personalities and keep your personal profile separate
  • Try to mix and match with your initials to create a unique identifier to make you stand out
  • Creating your unique ID enables you to be civil while posting comments and sharing your views

Warren recommends avoiding creating IDs with a same name as some famous personality or replicating their information. Instead if your information matches with someone already existent, one can play around with the initials or pseudo names to create a unique identity, domain name or even a twitter handle. Make sure to stick with what you create.

Advantages of Premium WordPress Themes over Free Themes

Video Summary

The video showcases Brett Bumeter address Warren Whitlock’s query about why WordPress Premium Themes are more preferable over Free Themes. Brett provides many advantages of using a paid premium theme while creating your website or blog, rather than opting for one of the hundreds of free theme designs available online.

Brett mentions he started off using free themes himself some years back, but then moved on to using the paid theme designs due to some major advantages which standout such as –

  • A paid premium theme has a framework behind it which one can use to change the skin and yet expect no surprises later on
  • One most important advantage to using a premium theme goes along the fact that these designs have been developed by paid designers. So you can expect them to be updated too whenever WordPress updates.
  • As WordPress shall evolve and continue to grow, these paid themes shall be tuned and updated to reflect that too, as compared to free themes where chances of getting an update are slimmer.
  • Free themes face a major update issue, due to the possibility of it being developed by multiple people, spread across different continents with language barriers, and who patched pieces of code together to create the theme.

Brett goes on to give the analogy of tagging the WordPress as a paper doll, whereas the theme is the clothing that you can choose to change the look, style and feel of the site. Themes could be swapped easily. With free themes, i.e. free doll clothing, one is not sure whether it shall fit your content or your version of WordPress. Add to it, there are plugins and applications which might not integrate correctly and function properly with a free theme. Premium themes take care of these issues since people are being paid to develop and maintain them.