Tony Hawk Next Generation Realism

The Tony Hawk video game series has overall been a phenomenal commercial success. The franchise continues to grow. Its grown at times through improvements in gaming capability and sometimes through better, trendier, funnier story boards. It would appear that the next Generation of Tony Hawk video Games will be driven by imrpovements in technology. … [Read more...]

Nokia to beat Motorola to Market

Nokia is racing to beat Motorola to market on a new wave of cellular products. A product that could literally require every cell phone user around the world to upgrade their phone. What is the product? Is it a new 8.0 mega pixel phone? .............No Is it a camcorder phone?.............No Is it a 3d phone?.............No Does the phone have a projector built in to it?.............No Will it pay your taxes?............. Almost! and then some. The killer product is a cell phone that is an electronic wallet. Picture a phone that allows you to literally leave your wallet at home. No credit … [Read more...]

Nokia Stakes out Motorola's Backyard

Your the number one cell phone maker in the world. Your closest competition, the former number one cell phone maker in the world, has been having a mostly great season with a serious hit product on their hands. What do you do? Go on the offense. That's exactly what Nokia has anounced. "Nokia plans to open a 'flagship store' in Chicago on June 21, with a New York store in the 'Fifth Avenue region' opening before the end of 2006," according to David Watkins the Nokia Director of Multimedia Computers. Motorola's headquarters in Libertyville, IL are just a few miles outside of Chicago in the … [Read more...]

Explorer Destroyer – Get Firefox Here

Some Firefox zealots are prompting visitors to their websites to fight against Microsoft and Internet Explorer by downloading and using the new Mozilla browser called Firefox (available from this site as well.) This group is promoting Firefox's heavier level of security which can stop Spyware, Viruses, and in the words of the authors of '' helps to end Microsoft's monopoly. They are seizing on Google's incentive to web publishers and providing code that checks visitors web browsers to identify explorer users and prompt them to switch or at least try Firefox. If you want … [Read more...]

New! MindManager Update Available at Mindjet

Mindjet has released Service Pack 1 (build 6.1.809) for use with MindManager Pro 6 and MindManager Basic 6. MindManager users can access this update from their MindManager program by navigating to the Help Menu and Clicking on Check for Updates or by going to the link below and selecting the update to download according to the program version that they are running themselves. Mindjet: Software for Visualizing and Managing Information … [Read more...]

ClustrMaps Track Visitors Geographically World Wide

ClustrMaps came to my attention last week. ClustrMaps provides a small Icon displaying a map of the world. Within the map, the geographic location of visitors to a website or blog are tracked. It’s a visually powerful tool that quickly gathers information from visitors ot websites from locations around the world. A picture is worth a thousand words and in this case maybe worth several worlds. By clicking on the picture, the viewer can go to the URL for ClustrMaps where a larger representation allows a bigger view of the world including plots of the locations of various visitors. Red dots … [Read more...]

Samsung, Microsoft & Intel Execs Can't Drive Home Origami

It should be a slam dunk press event. The Cast: Heavy weight partners Samsung, Microsoft and Intel all on stage together. The Plan: Show off the latest and greatest gadget to full effect doing it what its designed to do. The Audience: News and technology vendors from all walks in one of the most advanced technology cities in the world, Seoul Korea. The Product: Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC alias Microsoft Origami. The Problem: Either the executives from each of the big 3 can't work the product or the product doesn't work or some combination of the two! The Korea Times details a … [Read more...]

Wizard's Arenas focuses during halftime with Online Poker

People from all walks of life have different methods for developing their focus in high stress situations. Gilbert Arenas plays online poker at half time. "'I'm a little offbeat. I think of myself as the Dave Chappelle of the NBA, that nobody knows about. Like, at halftime, while everybody's getting ready, I'm playing poker online. It's just a mental challenge, to keep my mind going.' "Online Poker at Halftime? Works for Arenas -- Online Poker has grown substantially over the last 6 years, and despite some poker sites ties to nefarious offshore groups, its audience is becoming … [Read more...]

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