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      It’s not easy, and since this article was originally written things have changed and changed again. Ultimately, it usually requires testing and trying plugins to see which one works best for your own fundraising goals.

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    I am currently in the process of implementing a donation page for a client but I not sure if I should use Gravity Forms with Paypal addon or iThemes Exchange.

    What I like about ithemes exchange is that it will allow the user to enter their billing information and won’t redirect them to I believe if the donor gets redirected to paypal they might not want to donate because they would have to create an account if they don’t already have one.

    Some drawbacks with in using ithemes exchange is that I will need to purchase an SSL certificate and I had to purchase a few addons to have for paypal integration and guest checkout.

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      Paypal does not require that a person set up a new account.

      Paypal does definitely allow a user to check out and pay with a debit or credit card.

      iThemes Exchange is an ecommerce system (not a payment processor like paypal).

      I do like the looks of their checkout forms, although I had not previously heard of them. (there are hundreds maybe thousands of options out there, I do not know them all!)

      iThemes Exchange does seem to work with PayPal as the payment processor and with Stripe.

      I too use Stripe in addition to PayPal and a few other providers. There is a whole lot to like about Stripe, although the length of the float (time before funds are available) is typically 7 days as opposed to immediately in a Paypal account (add 4 days if you then transfer it to a bank account or initially took a PayPal echeck).

      Regardless Stripe is slower than Paypal. fees are about the same. I’ve heard that Stripe is trying to provide faster service to some customers who have a track record of no charge backs or disputes.

      I thought I was on a short list for this myself, but it has not actually happened that I know of!

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    Tried many of them and so far, and PayPal Donations Plugin works for me many times. Other plugins like Donate Plus are useful but they are either too complicated with many features or providing less features. Here I would like to suggest another free donation plugin if the requirement is simple, that is “WP-Donate”. It just provide a form to customer and uses for receiving donation and provide list of donors at admin area. Thank you for sharing such nice list.

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